Grace in Small Things 1056: Poetry, Walking Away, Cheese, Snowflakes, and a W.S. Merwin Translation

  1. Writing and reading more poetry calms my heart.
  2. Something inside me has switched, and I am better able to walk away internally from some of the things I cannot change. I'm not sure if it was a response to necessity or choice after growth, but it is liberating.
  3. I love the orderly way small triangles of orange cheese border the edge of cheap cheese platters.
  4. Snowflakes fell so small and light through the afternoon air today that they were mere sparks of light turning against the sky.
  5. I like these last two lines from W.S. Merwin's translation of an anonymous 6th century Welsh poem called "The Glory of Taliesin":

You will see your glory grow leaves
however your heart may have been oppressed.

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