#GraceInSmallThings 1044: A New Kitten Named Augie

  1. This little 6-month-old kitten showed up in our building's entrance like the universe knows how to put lost kittens and suckers for lost kittens together.
  2. The Regina Humane Society does good work. We took him there so they could hold him for a few days to see if he had owners who wanted to claim him, and it was apparent that he was loved and well-cared for while he was there.
  3. No one claimed him! Part of me was hoping that his people would come to collect him for a happy reunion, but a larger part of me had already fallen in love with him, so I'm grateful that his people were willing to let him go.
  4. He has been working his way into the life of our home so well, and it is beyond all expectation. He has none of the uptightness or aggression that our other three older cats have, and it's caught them off guard. They hiss a bit, but that's it, because he keeps acting like they're all already his friends. This kitten believes he belongs everywhere he puts himself, and it's pretty convincing. I hope his social style rubs off on me.
  5. Aidan and I are so happy as a result of this new kitten. Augie — that's the name we've chosen — is a lover, and we've been doing a lot of snuggling since he arrived. No one ever believed that we needed to own four cats, but here we are, utterly convinced.

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