Grace in Small Things 1040: A Vacation, a Forest, Indulging, a Wealth of Experience, and Nature

  1. I spent the last week up north in Waskesiu with a rotating cast of 21 of my family members. We came together from across Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon, which is an impressive thing for 22 people to do without an events coordinator.
  2. The forest within Prince Albert National Park is incredibly beautiful. I could barely breathe watching how small each of us were beneath its trees.
  3. My family's basic cooking style is sugar + carbs with a side of meat, so I put on a blindfold and blissfully hoovered up whatever was available for seven days.
  4. What an incredible wealth of experience lies within reach. When I'm caught in the daily routine of work/eat/sleep, I sometimes fall into the false idea that my world is a limited and small place. If I've learned/relearned/remembered anything this last week, it's that I need to go further than three blocks from my home more often.
  5. As much as the news would have us convinced that the entire world is falling to medieval pieces, great swathes of it are like this: quiet but for its own voices, bound to the rhythm of the planet's movement, and humbling.

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