Grace in Small Things 1038: Small Worlds, the Regina Fringe, a Day Moon, Black Coffee, and Muumuu Season

  1. I wandered through a beautiful neighbourhood and rediscovered the small worlds that hide even at the edges of people's front yards. It was a reminder that so much of the world operates without us, and it was a humbling ego check.
  2. The Regina International Fringe Festival is on. I saw two plays yesterday evening and am going to another tonight. I rarely go to the theatre, so the RIFF is my annual binge.
  3. Yesterday, the moon shone faintly in the sky all day.
  4. I've been ferreting out the bits of my caloric intake that I don't notice but will likely make a real difference over a span of a year, so I've stopped putting cream and sugar in my coffee. It turns out that I still like coffee without it. Phew.
  5. It's muumuu season again.

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