Grace in Small Things 1037: A Trip, Good Food, a Table Full of Artists, Relaxation, and Meeting John Waters

1. I got to take this Ford Explorer to Moose Jaw.

Ford Explorer in Moose Jaw

2. I got to eat this food at Hopkins Dining Parlour with Aidan.

Aidan Morgan and Hopkins Dining Parlour

3. I got to have dinner with a table full of incredible filmmakers and artists, including John Waters and Bruce LaBruce.

4. I got to spend time honestly relaxing without double-timing with work up in my head.

5. And after months of organizing social media and ticket sales for Camp, Trash, Filth: John Waters Visits Regina, the event happened more gorgeously than I imagined, and I got to sit alone at a table, ever so briefly, with the man whose work I've adored for 25 years.

John Waters and Elan Morgan

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