Grace in Small Things 1036: Sitting On the Deck, Good Co-Workers, a Binge-Watch, Salad, and Dreams

Elan Morgan
  1. The weather has been in-cred-i-ble, which has been the cause of much hanging out on the deck and thinking about nothing at all.
  2. I occasionally work with a local advertising and graphic design firm, and I spent the afternoon working with them at their office. It was relaxed and warm and deeply helpful, and I am pretty lucky to get to work with such good people.
  3. I'm not one to believe in guilty pleasures, because if you like something, you should just like it and stop judging yourself, but if I were given to guilty pleasures, The Client List on Netflix would be one of mine. It's my current binge-watch.
  4. Caprese salad. I've never been a fan of caprese salad before, but Aidan made some for me yesterday, and I was obviously just eating the wrong caprese salads until now.
  5. All of my dreams have been such straightforward teaching metaphors lately that I'd have to be brainless to misunderstand. Basically, they're fixing my life. I'm so glad that my subconscious has decided to spell it all out for me in the simplest of terms.

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