Grace in Small Things 1035: A Day Trip, the Prairies, Kindness, Beauty, and Cheez Whiz On Toast

  1. Aidan and I got a good deal on a rental car and took a little day trip out of town yesterday.
  2. Saskatchewan, at least the southern half of the province, is so broad and wide-open that it feels like deep breathing when I leave the city.
  3. When we pulled over so we could take some photos next to the highway, a local man stopped to check on us to make sure we weren't having any car trouble. People still look out for each other.
  4. The world has not stopped producing incredibly beautiful things. As I knelt in the muck to look at the quality of light through tall grass, I felt it everywhere around me. Human beings and nature can be brutal, but along the way it fills and fulfills.
  5. And lastly? Cheez Whiz on toasted brown bread in the middle of the night when the world is very quiet. The sound of your teeth crunching through the crust becomes half the flavour.

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