Grace in Small Things 1032: A Good Partner, a Flipped Mattress, Warmer Nights, Lovely Clients, and What Remains

  1. I've been hanging out with this guy off and on since 1993, and we've been married since 2001, and I still think it's all levels of good.
  2. We flipped our sad, degenerate mattress! A new mattress would be better, but it's almost like we got a new one now, and it's worth all the future pain I'm looking forward to as my back and hips realign themselves.
  3. It's warm enough out that I've taken our thicker quilt off the bed. This signals so many great things about spring in Saskatchewan that it deserves its own fireworks and a parade.
  4. I have had the opportunity to work on websites, content, and social media with some truly lovely human beings over the last few weeks, and they have been a sincerely needed and much appreciated reminder that the entire world is not dark and terrible.
  5. Love, kindness, patience, joy: these things are still here. They remain, and I have the opportunity to choose them.

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