Grace in Small Things 1030: Kindness, Baby Foot, Toilet Paper, Chef's Plate, and the Privilege of Space to Struggle

Aidan at Hunter Gatherer
  1. Spring depression, an annual thing for me, is hitting pretty heavily, and it's difficult to navigate. The world is being kind to me, though, and I've been treated to good breakfasts and enough down time to help me gain some of my energy back.
  2. Baby Foot saves me much disgusting foot shame.
  3. Have you ever thought about what your world might be like without the benefit of toilet paper? I just did, and it's definitely worth my gratitude.
  4. And while I'm on this consumer goods theme, Aidan and I have been using Chef's Plate for 2 or 3 meals a week lately, and we are loving it. The food they send is fresh and the recipes are delicious. We rarely order out anymore, and that's something my bank account is thankful for.
  5. I have been stalled out as far as writing much in the way of poetry or extended prose these days, and I was frustrated with myself. I saw this as some kind of personal failure. Then, one day last week, it hit me that this is fine. I can retreat sometimes. I can retreat for extended periods. This is not failure. This is rest in one area while I work in another, and I am privileged to have the space to even struggle between the two.

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