Grace in Small Things 1028: Marc Shoes, a Sound Walk, the World, an Upcoming Trip, and Friendship

  1. I got these fantastic golden yellow Marc shoes last week and have found an excuse to put them on every day since.
  2. I went for a walk today and imagined that I was listening to all the sounds like a record I'd put on. The world gained a rhythm I often forget it has, gulls flapping overhead to the downbeat of my heels on the pavement.
  3. The world has never given a damn when I feel like it's ending. It just keeps doing its thing until I'm ready to catch up.
  4. I'm leaving on a trip to visit my friend Jen later this week, and I am so thrilled that I'll (hopefully) get to see a few friends in between stretches of laying about.
  5. I had the deep honour of having friends check in with me this week to see how I've been, and they did it just when I truly needed it most. I was reminded that we are often terrible judges of our own worth and would do best to put ideas of worth aside.

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