Grace in Small Things 1027: Photo Stops, Luck, a Coffee Shop, a Healthy Relative, and Report Cards

  1. Aidan and I took a road trip and made photo stops all the way home. It was cold, but the frozen fingers were worth it.
  2. Our building flooded from a burst pipe in the walls, but we lucked out and were the one apartment in our section that didn't have too much in the way of water damage. The good part for our neighbours is that the burst was loudest in our apartment, so we were able to call in the plumbers while they all slept through most of it. The damage could have been much worse.
  3. I found another little coffee shop with good coffee and wifi to go with it where I can work with little interruption. It's a little corner of bliss.
  4. A close relative ended up in emergency with heart issues, but it turned out that it was likely due to too much caffeine. What a giant relief.
  5. My mother gave me all of my report cards from grades three to eight. I was expecting to find them a bit painful to read, but it turned out to be not only comforting but quite confirming. Every teacher mentioned my inability to focus in larger groups and my love of storytelling. I'm as me as I ever was.

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