Grace in Small Things 1026: Getting Out, Good Coffee, a Rental Car, Car Eating, and Tapping

  1. It's well known that I don't leave the house very much from late fall until sometime in spring, but I've started getting out again on a semi-regular basis. Aidan loves it, because we go out together to things like movies and bookstores. It's unusual and delightful.
  2. I had a truly terrible streak for a few months during which I lost my ability to make a decent cup of coffee, but the streak has come to an end! I'm not sure what was up, but every cup I made tasted awful. It's so good to be able to sit down to a decent cup at home again while I work.
  3. When I picked up a rental car for some travelling that's coming up, it only had 13 km on it, so now it feels both untested AND unlucky, and I have visions of fiery wrecks. BUT I am still driving it and am not letting my anxiety ground me, so that's a step forward.
  4. I got to do one of my favourite things today: I picked up drive-thru fast food and ate it in the car while watching Netflix on my phone.
  5. I bought new Sharpie pens at Staples this afternoon (my favourites!), and the lady in front of me was embarrassed because she was just learning how to tap her debit card instead of inserting it. I told her that I was glad she asked how, because I had never done it, either, and then everyone in line laughed because we were all learning it together, as it turned out. Spontaneous togetherness wins.

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