Grace in Small Things 1024: A Great Word, Rosemary Chicken, Warmer Weather, a Glitter Bomb, and World Poetry Day

  1. I found the word "cantilever" out in the wild! I love this word. I remember when I first learned it as a child. I rolled it around in my mouth over and over, trying my best to jamb it into sentences whenever I could.
  2. Aidan made some kind of rosemary chicken and mushrooms dish tonight, and I am still sitting here with a full belly and the fragrant smell of rosemary all over the house. (I realize that I include his cooking in these updates a lot, but it needs to be here.)
  3. I'm not a fan of all the wind that has been happening over the last few days, but I am happy for the warmer weather it will bring along.
  4. I had a piece published in Thought Catalog, another site has requested some writing from me, and I have an interview coming out soon. Sometimes things drag along like nothing's happening for ages, and then *GLITTER BOMB*.
  5. Today was World Poetry Day, and it gave me a push into reading through some great poetry. I even wrote some of my own, which will come out once I've given it some good thought.

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