Grace in Small Things 1023: Getting Out, Aidan's Chili, Movie Snuggling, Home Remedies, and an Opportunity

  1. I don't leave the house a lot over the winter months, but I have been leaving it almost every day lately, and I am grateful to have the energy to do it and the friends to drag me out.
  2. Have I ever told you about Aidan's chili? Aidan makes incredible chili, and he made a giant pot of it just yesterday. So far, I've eaten it fresh, left over and heated up, and cold right out of the pot.
  3. Aidan and I went to a movie theatre on Friday night, and they had replaced all the seats with these wide recliners. I discovered that I could raise the armrest between us, so we got to snuggle in the dark like we had a large loveseat all to ourselves.
  4. A head cold started trying to sneak in yesterday, but my home remedies of large amounts of vitamins C and D and raw garlic seem to be doing good work. I have yet to succumb!
  5. I have been tossed a small-ish but very-cool-to-me opportunity this week, and I am so honoured and excited! (I know I'm being cryptic, but that's all I got for you right now.)

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