Grace in Small Things 1020: Making Coffee, a Long Weekend, Bullet Journalling, Letting Go, and Aidan In the Kitchen

  1. The meditative moments when I hover over coffee-making at the kitchen counter are some of the calmest and most contented parts of my day.
  2. Aidan has had an extra long four-day weekend, and I'm pretty much ready to campaign for shorter workweeks now. I love having him at home, even while I'm working on my own stuff.
  3. Bullet journalling is becoming such an important part of my life. I tend to be scattered, and using a physical notebook to record and keep track of my to-do lists and other miscellany has put my mind at much greater ease.
  4. The older I get the better I am at letting go. I'm learning to let go of all kinds of things: physical objects, people, failures, old battles. I sleep better and I am more humble.
  5. Right this moment I am listening to Aidan knock around the kitchen. Something is frying, water is running, the fridge door is opening and closing. I turned off my music so I could pay attention and listen.

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