Grace in Small Things 1016: Onion as a Grandma, the Women's March, a New Phone, Alt Summit, and Hopeful Dreams

  1. For some reason I got a kick out of Onion looking like an old grandma all day. He was less amused by my amusement.
  2. The Women's March, with all its issues, was a sight to behold. It was incredible to witness millions of women all over the world standing up to make themselves heard. We needed to see that we can be a force out there.
  3. I have a spanky new iPhone 7 Plus! I've been nerding out for days.
  4. Next week? I'll be in Palm Springs for Alt Summit.
  5. As dark as the present state of the world can seem, my dreams have all been hopeful. Every night I forgive people, love my body, hug people, and invent ways to make things better. I am normally given to anxiety dreams, so these hopefulness dreams are little miracles for my psyche.

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