Grace in Small Things 1015: A New Mug, an Event, Kate Tempest, My Mother, and a Dream

  1. Something as simple as a new mug for morning tea makes the January sun feel warmer.
  2. I got to hang out with a bunch of great people at a recent Regina Downtown event, including Aidan (of course) and Leasa, Taron, Suzy, Michelle, DanMDivaDomestica, etc. I need more of this!
  3. Kate Tempest's album Let Them Eat Chaos is a spoken word hip hop masterpiece, and I'm so glad it's here.
  4. My mother had a bad fall two days ago, but nothing's broken and she is on good pain medication. What a relief to know that she will be able to heal well.
  5. I dreamt last night that I lay out on a lawn with grass just long enough to reach up and tickle the inside of my ear. The air was warm and humid as it is in summer on a hot afternoon when the heat rises after rain.

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