Grace in Small Things 1013: New Shoes, Time Off, Raw Garlic, the Sound of Snow, and GiST's Move to Facebook

I got these Papucei shoes at  Seed .

I got these Papucei shoes at Seed.

  1. I know I have a full-on shoe problem, but LOOK AT THESE SHOES. How could I say no?
  2. For the first time in years, I managed to take an appreciable amount of time away from work over the holidays, and it has done good things for my heart and mind.
  3. The three days of eating raw garlic I did for this cold also killed off a minor gum infection. I smell like an Italian dish, but I'm a healthy Italian dish.
  4. It's -42 with the windchill right now, but the way snow sounds like styrofoam under tires at this temperature is one of the coziest sounds to hear from inside my warm home.
  5. I'm so happy about Grace in Small Things community's move from Ning to Facebook. I feel like I get to see all of my fellow GiSTers more!

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