Grace in Small Things 1012: Japa Bowl, a Low-Key Holiday, Snow, Relaxation, and Hope and Resilience

Aidan at  Japa Bowl

Aidan at Japa Bowl

  1. Aidan and I found a great Japanese restaurant that also makes a great Korean bibimbab. Thank you, Japa Bowl!
  2. Our Christmas has been fairly quiet and low key, which is perfect.
  3. We nearly had a brown Christmas, but the snow started falling on the night of the 24th and has been floating gently down ever since.
  4. I could continue complaining about this devil cold I've had for days, but honestly it gives me a great excuse to sleep in and do as little as possible. I stayed in bed until after noon today, and it was blissful.
  5. I have spent far less time with the news than usual over the holidays, and it has allowed my brain to carve out a little more space for hope and resilience. I plan on making this my norm going forward, because the other option makes me no good for anyone, and I also want this bright little corner to keep expanding its borders.

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