Grace in Small Things 1009: A Laundromat, Illicit Burgers, New York, 333 Poems, and Wann Izakaya

  1. Our building's laundry machines are waiting for parts on order, so I've been spending time at a laundromat. The hum of the machines is deeply soothing.
  2. The trip to the laundromat takes me by a McDonald's I would never otherwise visit, so I've been sneaking illicit-feeling burgers and fries in the parking lot. Illicit-feeling burgers are more delicious.
  3. I am flying to New York for meetings tomorrow. I'm only there for a very short time, but I'm a fan of the city, so any amount of New York is a good amount of New York to me.
  4. I have written 333 poems so far this year, and I believe I'll actually reach my goal of 365 poems by the end of the month!
  5. Aidan and I are headed to Wann Izakaya for supper, because ramen.

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