Grace in Small Things 1006: a Huge Window, Eavesdropping, Powerful Women, a Buttered Bran Muffin, and a Documentary

  1. I spent the last long, warm afternoon of the season sitting by a huge window where I could look at the sky while I worked.
  2. Two women at a table near mine were deep-diving into their life goals and motivations, setting world-changing goals for themselves in service of humanity, and it reminded me that there are many like us out there, despite how catastrophic things might look right now.
  3. I have witnessed women drawing together to figure out how to secure the health care they might need in case they lose access to it in the States under the new president-elect. As horrifying as this prospect is, their strength and resolve is powerful to witness.
  4. If you don't normally coat your bran muffin in enough cold butter to suffocate a small animal, please give it a try. It is well worth whatever it costs you.
  5. Adam Curtis' documentary HyperNormalisation is brilliant. Watch it.

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