Grace in Small Things 1004: Beet Ravioli, a Meeting, Wellness, My Dedication, and an Old Email

 beet ravioli at  Skye Cafe & Bistro

beet ravioli at Skye Cafe & Bistro

  1. I experienced the above beet ravioli, and it was amazing. This was ravioli where the pasta was replaced with thinly sliced beets, and they were filled with this amazing chèvre cheese concoction.
  2. I had a great meeting with a client today. It was the kind that ends with hugging and words of appreciation. Huzzah!
  3. I have managed to work my way out of a pretty serious depression that hit last week. I am getting better at this work.
  4. I received praise for an old project I worked on that took five years of effort and passion, and it was good to be reminded of the dedication I have inside.
  5. I stumbled across an old email I sent to someone 12 years ago. I have a complicated relationship with them now, but it reminded me of the value that relationship still holds for me. What a comfort.

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