Grace in Small Things 1003: Airport Greeters, Strangers, Beading, Fresh Towels, and Juicy Fruit

  1. Aidan and I were greeted by a whole crew of enthusiastic volunteers at the Calgary International Airport when we landed on Thursday. They made us take an oath of some kind and whoop out loud in the middle of the baggage area. It was thoroughly delightful.
  2. I am a bit shy sometimes, which you may or may not know, but I spent last weekend travelling around Calgary and Drumheller having it reinforced that most strangers I end up spending time with are generous and warm. Bring on the strangers!
  3. I found out through Moonstone Creation that I still have some of my beading skills, so I think I'll get back into it. It clears my mind almost instantly.
  4. I am feeling gratitude towards the me of last night for washing a load of laundry so we would have fresh bath towels today. It was my little welcome home present to us.
  5. Juicy Fruit gum comes in big, 60-piece bottles.

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