Goodbye, Windows. Hello, Mac.

I have been using PC laptops loaded with Windows since I first got my own computer that connected to the internet. There was one brief period of about two months when I had a hand-me-down Mac, which Onion quickly destroyed with his special destructive abilities, but then back to PCs I went. I used my belief that I was a little too cash poor to justify the expense of a Mac to stay in my comfortable if aggravating struggle against the tide that is Windows.

Windows has taught me to hate it, and with every update, it has gotten more intrusive. I actually resent the environment in which I work everyday now, because it's hard to love what you do when your operating system is built to constantly assert itself. HELLO, I INSIST THAT I MUST BEHAVE LIKE A MOBILE DEVICE AND WILL RANDOMLY TOSS UP "CHARM" BARS THAT ARE ANYTHING BUT CHARMING OR NECESSARY. (If you struggle with those random pop-up charm bars, I wrote a tutorial about how to disable them. You're welcome.)

Yesterday and the day before were the last straw. Over time, and this has happened with each new laptop I've had, Windows noticeably ages into a cantankerous dementia, encouraging more and more problems with each update. With this last one, my PC went fairly bonkers. Witness the backwards typing and the endless scrolling through drop-down menus:

I consulted Google, Twitter, and Facebook. I restarted and refreshed and hit combinations of buttons. Every fix created new issues. I realized that I could take this to my nearby computer doctor and have it cleaned up professionally, but did I really want to choose to continue my battle with Windows indefinitely? NO. I no longer allow myself to keep things in my life that put me in the mood to break stuff and lash out at loved ones and hold my breath. Life is too short.

And that is why Aidan and I ended up at a computer store an hour after my last straw finally broke, and I bought this lovely little MacBook Pro, savings be damned.

I haven't used a Mac since my two-month stint about eight years ago, and I'm used to arguing with Windows, so I expected a big learning curve, but nope. The learning curve has been a mere bump. Everything works, I hardly had to change any basic settings, and the operating system just does its work quietly without opening apps and leaving the desktop environment and throwing up a giant clock or system options menu because I happened to move my cursor on the diagonal.

I know that no system is perfect, and I am not going to go all Mac evangelical on you, but damn if this isn't just worth all the money I have plus some. I might actually enjoy my work a whole damn lot more than I even knew.

Praise be.