5 Things I Like: A Moment Caught, Close to Me, Claire Dancing, An Etsy Shop, and a Rate Calculator


This photo of girls playing netball in a Bedford College physical education class in England in 1937, because the girl on the right looks like she is both dancing and swooning:

see page for author [public domain],  via Wikimedia Commons

see page for author [public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


The Cure's "Close to Me", because it manages to be both bouncy and sexy without being silly, and it makes me want to dance like Claire in The Breakfast Club:


Which brings me to another favourite thing — this GIF of Claire (played by Molly Ringwald) dancing in The Breakfast Club:


I love this mug and pretty much everything else in The Clay Bungalow's Etsy shop:


The nuSchool freelance project rate calculator, because it makes it easier to nail down a ballpark figure for your next project:

And that's five things I like!