Five Star's 310th Great Blog Roundup Is Brought to You by Diana Gabaldon

This week's Five Star great blog roundup is brought to you by a thoughtful foray into transitioning, a trustworthy owl, already knowing how to do it despite boobs, why we need to hold sexual predators accountable, hoping we don't shoot, and Diana Gabaldon:

by Andreas Pavelic (own work) [ CC BY-SA 3.0 de ],  via Wikimedia Commons

by Andreas Pavelic (own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 de], via Wikimedia Commons

What underlies great science is what underlies great art, whether it is visual or written, and that is the ability to distinguish patterns out of chaos.
— Diana Gabaldon —

Happy Monday, and happy reading!

"Ice Balls" by Maria Catt at The Tusk:

Femininity and I had been duking it out since I was 11 and the girls in my grade started giving blowjobs to boys and it has felt the whole twenty years since that femininity was kicking the shit out of me.  To transform from an androgynous kid at 11, praised for being a tomboy, into a big bootied 13 year old who had to take the train across the city every morning and afternoon in a school girl getup was fucked up. To this day I have not recovered.

"Mrs. Hooter's Homeschool" by DeannaNMc at Traveling Monkeys:

Halfway through our fourth week of homeschooling, I must admit something to you all: I am not Maggie’s primary teacher. I know. It’s like you can’t trust anything you read on the internet. But it’s the truth. Maggie’s instruction comes from the redoubtable yet lovable Mrs. Hooter.

"Leave My Box Out of Boxing, Puhhhlease" by A.R. Jardine at Ms. Lesbian Canada:

Three times a week, I go to a boxing club where I can pretend the world isn’t a weird vortex of tragic and beautiful things. Where it’s not all ass cracks and cracked out politicians. Where I don’t have to read headlines about nuclear weapons. Where pipelines don’t unjustly rip through the heart of a country. Where I don’t have to be hit on, or mansplained to, by some hetero white dude who just wants to “make my life better.” Except tonight. Tonight you ruined that. Two of you, actually.

"Forget Phylicia. Remember my mom." by Deborah Bryan at The Monster In Your Closet:

Phylicia said, “Forget those women.”
I say, forget Phylicia.
Forget convenient disbelief.
Forget favoring dishonest comfort over honest discomfort.

"Alien Life" by Karen Rivers at Karen Rivers:

On screen, aliens are all unified for the good of their planets -- all of them on the same page, same chapter, same book.  Working hard for a cause.  We will save ourselves from the calamity! they say.  They are single-minded in their goal.  You don't see aliens just sitting around watching Netflix.

And because you are a fan of finding good, new writing on the internet: