Five Star's 301st Great Blog Roundup Is Brought to You By Padma Viswanathan

This week's great blog roundup is brought to you by anger and activism online, doing it anyway, education and Empire, gratitude and vision, a revelation, a rude re-awakening, and Padma Viswanathan:

Ganesh: Mortals refuse most divine offers… But so few of you accept our gifts, even ones you have prayed for.
— Padma Viswanathan, The Toss of a Lemon

Happy reading!

"Words, Words, Words: On Toxicity and Abuse in Online Activism" by Katherine Cross at Nuclear Unicorn:

Your rage fuels the profits of every major website on the internet; be it Facebook, Twitter, Fox Nation, the New York Times’ comment sections, blog comments, Reddit, Tumblr, or Slashdot, your rage gets others angry, committing them to call-and-response threads hundreds of comments deep, which keeps them coming back to threads obsessively, which generates pageviews, ad impressions, and more revenue for the interested parties.
Activist rage is linkbait.

"Lessons From My School of Rock" by Pam Mandel at Nerd's Eye View:

Shut up, you are not too old. It was heartbreaking how many people — mostly women, some with a better background in music than I have — told me they’d put away their drum kit, electric guitar, bass, whatever, because they were too old to play rock and roll. I couldn’t decide if there was some indictment in there about how grown humans are supposed to act or if these folks were just defeated. I joined the band shortly before my 47th birthday. Made other choices? Okay. Hands don’t work like they used to? No kidding. Woefully out of practice? Yeah, I know. But too old? Fuck that.

"Ed-Tech Imperialism and the XPRIZE for Global Learning" by Audrey Watters at Hack Education:

What is the goal of the Global Learning XPRIZE when it comes to learning? Is it for children in the developing world to join the global economy, for example? If so how? On whose terms? To what end? In what role? Why? How? Under whose Terms of Service?

"What's Always Been Within" by Susan Goldberg at Mama Non Grata:

It’s amazing, what’s here already and what we can create from it.
…I have some of the best friends imaginable, and they are lovely and generous to talk with. I have thousands of hours of music that I barely listen to. I can get on my year-old, gorgeous bike and be somewhere new in minutes, can drive out to the Cascades and lose myself in the rush of water and the permanence of rock.

"How to Avoid Everything (Notes On Self Care)" by Elizabeth Jayne Liu at Flourish In Progress:

I can still be a good mother even if it wasn’t modeled for me as a child. Just because something is unfamiliar does not mean it is unknowable.

"This Is What the Empty Room Means" by Lydia Brown at Autistic Hoya:

It takes very little to drive home just how little we matter in the grand scheme of things. And this is what the empty room means. The empty room means that our existence continues to be largely unacknowledged. The empty room means that our ability to participate fully in campus life isn't worth anyone's time. The empty room means that when we talk about improving conditions for disabled people, it's little more than lip service.

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