Five Star's 291st Great Blog Roundup Is Brought to You By Anne Tyler

This week's Five Star roundup is brought to you by caring for oneself, colorism, being proud of each other, the our culture's limited and unrealistic ideal of beauty, creative compromise, the absurdity of modesty culture, the tender side of a story gone viral, and Anne Tyler

I was standing in the schoolyard waiting for a child when another mother came up to me. Have you found work yet? she asked. Or are you still just writing?

— Anne Tyler —

Happy Tuesday!

"What I Did Right" by Stacy Morrison at Filling In the Blanks:

We poor humans. We spend so much time chasing our butts, spinning in circles trying to know what will make us happy. But what I needed to do was shift gears, and get focused on how to feed and soothe my soul. Then the rest takes care of itself.

"Traveling While Black: American Memoir" by Kelly Wickham at Mocha Momma:

All of this is why I see color in everything, good or bad. I'll take the accusations now because this shaped me and the space I occupy.

"May We All Pursue Happiness. #Pride" by Rebecca Woolf at Girl's Gone Child:

We can celebrate each others' sexuality, ethnicity, race, religion without condemning our own. Pride is not just about being proud of ourselves.

"Not Everyone Is Beautiful" by Nathan Biberdorf at Mindless Productivity:

I know what you mean when you say “Everyone is beautiful.” You mean that everyone is valuable, everyone has worth, everyone has good qualities that make them someone to be loved. And if we could reclaim the word and make it mean that, I’d say go for it.
But the fact is, we don’t own the word. The world owns the word…

"A Sobering Lesson on the Value of Compromising Your Creative Ideas" by Jerod Morris at Copyblogger:

…content is our art. It is how we express ourselves, and it is meant to be appreciated. In fact, for us, it needs to be appreciated. Content marketing doesn’t work without content that is appreciated by an audience…
…shouldn’t some decisions you make be made to ensure that your art has a fair opportunity to be appreciated?

"When Suits Become a Stumbling Block: A Plea to My Brothers in Christ" by L.P. at The Salt Collective:

Not only must you be mindful of your wardrobe, but you must also understand that your body is a commodity. Anytime you appear in public, it is assumed that any body part you show is something that is available to everyone. Look at your hands. Are they strong? What about your arms? Muscular? Well, are they available for me to enjoy? No? THEN WHY ARE YOU SHOWING THEM? What kind of message do you think you’re sending?

"Doctor: Mom's deposition goes viral" by Conor Dougherty at Medium:

My dad’s mantra is that mom is losing her memory, not her mind. That’s why we have to stick up for her, reminding her that lots of people love her and that she was once an accomplished scientist.

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