Five Star's 290th Great Blog Roundup Is Brought to You By Daniel Keyes

This week's Five Star roundup is brought to you by a rare island, a small ritual learned from a child, being of service, losing a loved one while they are still here, true love that managed to conquer a disgusting situation, and Daniel Keyes:

The path I choose through the maze makes me what I am. I am not only a thing, but also a way of being — one of many ways — and knowing the paths I have followed and the ones left to take will help me understand what I am becoming.

— excerpt from Flowers for Algernon, Daniel Keyes —

There is a lot of seriousness below, but I saved the funny for last so you can leave happy. Happy Wednesday!

"Saba" by David Whitmer at Loud Loud World:

As usual, I packed a digital recorder with me on my trip to Saba, in hopes of recording any intriguing natural sounds I might come across.  I didn’t pursue this as vigorously as I could have, perhaps, but I did hear some nice things.  Undoubtedly the most striking sound produced by the island would be that of the night chorus.  Comprised for the most part of tree frogs and crickets, the calls were loud and dense enough that a visitor to the island might be kept awake at night until they grew accustomed to the sound.  I hardly minded, though, I thought the night chorus was a lovely thing to drift off to sleep with.

"I Love You, I Miss You" by Eric A. Meyer at

I know it will take a long time, but this small ritual, taught to me by my three-year-old son, keeps me on the path.

"Entanglements" by Stephanie Rodda at Stephanie Rodda:

If you find yourself in a position of strength then take the opportunity to lend a hand to those who falter around you. Are you strong financially, then take that as an opportunity for service, not status. If you are strong spiritually, reach out to those whose faith may be faltering.

"Forgotten But Not Gone" by Pam Mandel at Nerd's Eye View:

While my life gets bigger and bigger, as I loop increasingly large circles around the globe, Dad’s collapses in on itself.

"The Fart That (Almost) Altered My Destiny" by Anna Lind Thomas at HaHas for HooHas:

“What’s going on?” Rob yells back to me, “Why are you...” then it hit him. I could see it in his eyes. Was it surprise? Horror? Water started to accumulate at the base of his eyelids, “Oh my God, I CAN TASTE IT!” he screamed.

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