Five Star's 280th Great Blog Roundup Is Brought to You By Susan Rieger

This week's Five Star great blog roundup is brought to you by love and subversion, the urge for self-determination, staying sane while mothering, the power of intuition, the bittersweetness of a child growing up, learning to become a leader, and Susan Rieger:

Happiness is equilibrium. Shift your weight.

— Susan Rieger, The Divorce Papers

Happy Wednesday!

"Nobody's Wives, Together" by Marilee Lindemann at The Madwoman With a Laptop:

I’ll treat marriage the same way I’ve treated academia: I’ll resist and subvert it from within. And I’ll continue to argue against compulsory marriage and for the full range of queer intimacies. I’ve always been a firm believer in the value of being able to walk and chew gum at the same time or, as a more eloquent pal put it on Facebook, of being able to balance the both/and.

"Career Counseling: Cowgirl, Detective, or Elevator Operator?" by Mary J. Breen at The Toast:

Girls in the ’50s didn’t get career counseling because we didn’t need career counseling. We didn’t need Free To Be You and Me songs to urge us to choose what we wanted to be; it was already decided. We were told from all sides that happiness lay not in a profession, but in fulfilling our destinies as wives and mothers — or, in my case, in being a nun. Our teachers and parents did admit that if we must find a job before marriage, our options were nursing, teaching, or office work. These, however, seemed tedious and dull to me, and I had better ideas of my own.

"How To Enjoy Being a Stay At Home Mom" by Kim Tracy Prince at House of Prince:

Being a stay at home mom is easy! Until it’s not. You’ve got to find the reward in it, or else you will lose your mind.

"Trust Your Instincts" by Starla Fitch, MD at Love Medicine Again:

About half way through the procedure, my attending had an idea. He decided to take tissue from the eye we knew couldn’t be saved and transfer it to the eye that still had an ounce of hope. Don’t ask me (or him) why he thought of this. This took place well before stem-cell transplants and such. It was just a thought that came to him in an instant, and he followed it.

My attending’s flash of intuition changed the patient’s life.

"Hummingbird" by Vikki Reich at VillageQ:

But this is what I am learning about 12 year olds – in the Venn diagram of the relationship between parent and child, the overlap is growing smaller.

"An Experiment and Proposal On Hope" by Megan Jordan at Velveteen Mind:

I don't always want to be the leader. Most of the time, I don't. I enjoy watching others lead, particularly love experiencing someone discover their leadership talent for the first time. I don't usurp existing leaders and I don't sow seeds of discontent so that I can step in.

But when I do want to lead? I don't always step up. I wait and hope to be asked. I spend my time, while I'm waiting, proving myself and my worth, honing the talents that I know to be useful. That approach is... no longer my favorite.

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