Five Star's 278th Great Blog Roundup Is Brought to You By Sherwin B. Nuland=

This week's Five Star roundup is brought to you by a transgender child, a conscious crafting of online identity, magic, the creation we have wrought, yelling and silence, growing up, the reality of special needs parenting, trigger warnings used as tools of oppression, and Sherwin B. Nuland:


Happy Wednesday!

"My Son Has Changed. My Love Hasn't." by Amanda Jette Knox at The Maven of Mayhem:

And just like that, I no longer have three sons. I have two sons and a daughter.

"Personal" by Faiqa Khan at Native Born:

I’m a thoughtful, introspective human who is constantly evaluating my relationship with God and I refuse to do this in a public space anymore.

"I Come Bearing Gas, Mylar and String" by Marius Gustaitis at Trudging Through Fire:

One of the cool side-effects of quitting booze is the increase of strange coincidences.  At least noticing them.  Some really mind-blowing ones.  Stuff that really gets your attention.  Stuff that makes you think.

Alcoholics in recovery call them “God Shots,” probably because it sounds like “Got shots.”  Jung called it Synchronicity.  Others say it’s just coincidence.

I prefer to call it “The Weird.”

"Our Comrade The Electron" by Maciej Ceglowski, originally a talk given at Webstock 2014:

…if we don't design this Internet, if we just continue to build it out, then eventually it will attract some remarkable, visionary people. And we're not going to like them, and it's not going to matter.

"Old Houses Are Like This" by Rebecca Woolf at Girl's Gone Child:

Sometimes it's impossible to meet in the middle. Sometimes we have to learn to speak in voices that are unnatural... so that we can hear each other. So that we can hear ourselves.

"Think Back" by Lucy Knisley at Stop Paying Attention:

Writing about adulthood reveals my secret obsession: childhood.

"One Dad’s Search for Beauty in His Daily Parenting Routine" by Steve Edwards at The Manifest-Station:

Before getting pulled over this morning, I thought I would reflect on the incredible and almost healing beauty of that owl’s stoic countenance among the rustling beach grasses, the Atlantic gleaming like a dark blue crystal in the distance. I wanted to say: THIS. This matters. Beauty matters.

But after getting pulled over, that sweet thought was gone, replaced by adrenaline and anger and resentment.

"The Trigger Warned Syllabus" by Tressie McMillan Cottom at tressiemc:

…trigger warnings are being encouraged for sites of resistance, not mechanisms of oppression.

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