Five Star Blog Roundup 445: Five Great Posts and a Haki R. Madhubuti Quote

Five Star Blog Roundup 445: Five Great Posts and a Haki R. Madhubuti Quote

This week's roundup of great blog posts is brought to you by a day in the life, perimenopause, the importance of representation, a road worth taking, getting over yourself, and a Haki R. Madhubuti quote:

photo credit: Slowking4 [ GFDL 1.2 ],  via Wikimedia Commons

photo credit: Slowking4 [GFDL 1.2], via Wikimedia Commons

One of the great tragedies of modern education is that most people are not taught to think critically. The majority of the world’s people, those of the West included, are taught to believe rather than to think. It’s much easier to believe than to think. People seldom think seriously about that which we are taught to believe, because we are all creatures of imitation and habit.

Haki R. Madhubuti

Happy reading!

The 21st Century Is Old Enough To Legally Drink Alcohol: A Diary of Life, One Day in 2018, For My Future Self” by Tom Cox at Tom Cox:

Social media seems to be full of all this “love yourself” life coach stuff nowadays. I’d like to see a bit more “Like yourself, but also be sure to regularly take the piss out of yourself, and don’t be such a fucking bighead.”

Moody Blues & Seeing Red. Period.” by Jennifer Powell at Mom Dad Cuppa Kids:

I know, probably too much information. You don’t really need to know any of this. But I think if you are a woman in her 40’s, you maybe do. You do, so you know that you are not alone in the myriad of challenges you are facing at the moment.

I am sharing this stuff because I have felt alone.

Temple Tantrum: The Passion of Being Autistic and Not Temple Grandin” by Shaun Bryan at Medium:

Almost every day I meet another new and fabulous #ActuallyAutistic person. From gifted poets like David James Savarese and Tito Mukhopadhyay; to scholars like Melanie Yergeau, Nick Walker, and Ibby Grace; to activists like Lydia X. Z. Brown and Amy Sequenzia; to journalists like Eric Garcia, I meet new and amazing Autistic people all the time. I’m proud to call all of these people, and many more, friends. And yet… aside from our Autistic experiences, we have at least one other experience in common: stepping out of the shadow of our own Autistic supercrip narrative embodiment, Temple Grandin.

The Real Journey” by Suebob Davis at Suebob’s Red Stapler:

I was grateful for fellow travelers who chatted me up, cozy Elks lodges, rest stops, people curious about my journey with Gladis.

For dogs in cars regarding me curiously. For traffic laws and well-built bridges.

I am profoundly grateful I have been given this opportunity to see beyond my own walls and fears

Originality Is Overrated In Authorland” by Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds:

…it’s at this point that some writers, myself included, experience a kind of narrative, existential vaporlock. You freeze up. And the worry comes that you’ve nothing to add to the canon of ideas, that whatever story you’re going to tell isn’t particularly original. Surely someone has told a story like this.

You’re right. They probably have.

Five Star Blog Roundup

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