Five Star Roundup 405: Five Great Blog Posts and a Jay Asher Quote

This week's Five Star Roundup great posts are brought to you by surveillance capitalism, a mild ailment with a hefty history, a radical act, an impossible decision, a beloved father, and Jay Asher:

 Jay Asher {left} and Cory Doctorow (right). Credit: Cory Doctorow [ CC BY-SA 2.0 ],  via Flickr .

Jay Asher {left} and Cory Doctorow (right). Credit: Cory Doctorow [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Flickr.

See, I'm not a very good musician.
— Jay Asher —

Happy reading!

"Build a Better Monster" by Maciej Cegłowski at Idle Words:

We built the commercial internet by mastering techniques of persuasion and surveillance that we’ve extended to billions of people, including essentially the entire population of the Western democracies. But admitting that this tool of social control might be conducive to authoritarianism is not something we’re ready to face. After all, we're good people. We like freedom. How could we have built tools that subvert it?

"Family Genes" by Neil Kramer at Citizen of the Month:

This mild ailment has plagued me my entire life. The anxiety was mostly self-made, intensified by a family that didn’t communicate. I’m sure my father felt guilty for passing the disorder to me, which became a barrier between us, and the reason he avoided telling me about his past.

"On Fearless Girl, women & public art; or, no, seriously, the guy does not have a point." by Caroline Criado-Perez at Caroline Criado-Perez:

Greg Fallis may not agree, but all of this is also relevant context to the meaning and importance of Fearless Girl. The vast majority of female statues are of nude sexualised women in the role of adoring muse to male brains (I mean, come on, half naked Euterpe is literally weeping over a male HEAD). The representation of a defiant, clothed, non-sexualised female in a prominent work of art is still vanishingly rare — and is therefore a radical act no matter who commissioned it and what the artistic intent was.

"Antipodes" by Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station:

He wants to throw in with the mansions, like Reagan and Bush and his billionaire friends. 

But he can’t abandon the shacks, because his ego needs their cheering more than his wallet needs the billionaires’ money…

"My Father Died" by Brenda Keesal at Burns the Fire:

After he died, I told everyone, he was a great Dad, and opened my arms. My father held me my whole life. After they cleaned up his body, I went back to tell him again.

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