Five Star Roundup 402: Three Great Blog Posts and a Katie Kitamura Quote

This week's Five Star Roundup great posts are brought to you by the wholistic approach of reciprocal relationships, being a really real writer, letting things work themselves out, and a Katie Kitamura quote:

credit: Lukas Neasi,  via Unsplash

credit: Lukas Neasi, via Unsplash

One of the great pleasures of writing is that you try something, and if it doesn't work, you just cut it. It's fine if you sort of fail. That's part of the process.
— Katie Kitamura. (7 February 2017). Katie Kitamura On Ambition, Morality, and Writing Ugly. Literary Hub. —

Happy reading!

"A Different Way of Being" by Martin Heavy Head at Social Cognition:

A truly progressive idea is to take the infrastructure we have today, and clean away the old ways of being. Clean away the hierarchies and the false power involved within. Create a world upon Indigenous principles of reciprocal relationships with all living beings. WIth the planet. With the Universe.

"A Reminder of What Makes a Real Writer" by Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds:

Because all writing advice is bullshit (though bullshit fertilizes). I’m writing this thing because once in a while we are treated to missives from well-meaning expert writers who have come to believe that The Way They Write is the Only Way To Write, because their process has been tainted by the strong smell of Survivorship Bias. “I survived this way, and so you must, too.”

"Start New" by Amanda Magee at Amanda Magee:

Friday into Saturday I was in a funk. I tried to push through, moving from one thing to the next like I could outrun it. The funk clung. Sean knows me, recognizes these lows after 18 years together, and has mastered worrying from a gentle distance.

Five Star Roundup of great blog posts

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