Five Star Roundup 399: Four Great Blog Posts and a Paul Seesequasis Quote

This week's Five Star Roundup is brought to you by research and responsibility, finding yourself, the difficulty of writing, a terrible loss, and a Paul Seesequasis quote:

Paul Seesequasis
I don’t write with a linear plan or a sense of a story arc… It’s a little like pieces of a half-completed puzzle. I prefer it half-completed.
— Paul Seesequasis in an interview at Black Coffee Poet

Happy reading!

"Towards the Fiftieth Gate" by Giverny Witheridge at Together In Dementia:

In my mind, the more salient question at hand is that: if Honours is a training ground for learning and demonstrating mastery of research skills, shouldn’t students also be taught to prioritise, above all else, our responsibility to engage with the needs of the people whom we are studying?

"How You Get Divorced" by Lisa Shaw at Pryvate Parts:

First you will have to get married to someone who, when he asks you on bended knee in a 250 square foot apartment in Manhattan surrounded by the sounds of honking horns and a toilet that won’t stop running, you pause.

You pause.

"Enhancing Life" by Kate Bowles at Music for Deckchairs:

…the craft and practice of writing is more than an effort to try to get a hold of this, to nail it. It’s also a practice of grieving: the search for likeness, a feeling out and a pencilling in, it’s trying to represent and learn from the face of the thing that confronts you what it is that you have lost. Writing is the first attempt at getting it down on paper in a sketch, a snapshot, a sentence, because we’re all looking for someone who has died, some past self, who might not have existed, who might again.

"To Him We Shall Return" by Faiqa Khan at Native Born:

This weekend, I watched my father in law breathe his last breath. This is not a metaphor. I heard the last breath leave him. I am not the person who walked into that hospital room anymore, and I can never go back to being that person, either. My heart is broken in a way that will never be mended because that day, I learned what it really means to be a human being.

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