Five Star Roundup 398: Four Great Blog Posts and a Mem Fox Quote

This week's Five Star Roundup is brought to you by the consequences of people's feelings, a person's best cat, the First Amendment, a rabbit hole of particulars, and a Mem Fox quote:

by Anggara Mahendra [ CC BY 2.0 ],  via Wikimedia Commons

by Anggara Mahendra [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Books don't harm kids; they arm them.
— Mem Fox —

"Everything Is Fucked and I'm Pretty Sure It's the Internet's Fault" by Mark Manson at Mark Manson:

The world runs on one thing: people’s feelings. And no, I don’t mean the coddled, “Oh, we’re spoiling the youth,” safe-space-type feelings. I mean emotions. Emotions rule the world.

"Tribute To A Gorgeous Foulmouth: RIP Shipley (2001-2017)" by Tom Cox at Tom Cox:

Online, Shipley had the ignominious status of being My Other Black Cat. “The Bear looks odd in this photo,” people would often comment when I posted a photo of him, or “Ooh, hello Bear” and even though he looked nothing like The Bear and what I witnessing was tantamount to cat racism I would resist the urge to put them right because… well, let’s face it, there are not enough hours in the day…

"Journalism Doesn't Stop" by Gary Goldhammer at Medium:


It was held by then California Republican State Assemblyman Tom McClintock, who didn’t like my coverage of his re-election campaign. So when he held a press event at his Ventura County headquarters, I wasn’t on the list.

"Define 'Cookie'" by Allen at Anchor Struck:

I had trouble sleeping last night because Known Terrorist Elizabeth Warren tried to blow up the U.S. Senate with the words of Renowned Terrorist Coretta Scott King, so I started speculating about how it had come to this.  I believe it can all be traced to this exchange between Kellyanne Conway and her mother when Kellyanne was six years old…

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