Five Star Mixtape 387: Two Great Blog Posts and an Erri De Luca Quote

This week's Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup is brought to you by wise foresight, preparation for a better future, and the winner of the 2016 Bad Sex in Fiction Award, Erri De Luca:

Build your house with the stones they hurled at you.
— Erri De Luca —

Happy reading!

"Finding Hope in a Loveless Place" by Tressie McMillan Cottom at tressiemc:

It was a strange statement for a black woman, a sociologist, a professor. I would go on to consult for Bernie Sanders’ campaign in the primary. I had written an essay for a mainstream anthology about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s brand of feminism. It wasn’t a secret that I was unsettled by how the Democratic party wanted to approach this election.

Still, it was a strange notion to confess to in public, which is exactly how I did it…

"How To Fight Fascism" by Mike Monteiro at Medium's Dear Design Student:

Q: I am freaking the fuck out that America just elected a fascist. I’m bouncing between wanting to fight and hiding under my bed. I’m just a designer, what can I do?

Hi. Take a deep breath. I’ve been breathing into a paper bag for three weeks myself. Let’s not white-wash (ha!) this. We are truly fucked. We’re standing at the very edge of the American experiment. I can’t blame you for not wanting to take that next step.

So let’s take stock…

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