Five Star Mixtape 385: Six Great Blog Posts and a Tracy Chevalier Quote

This week's Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup is brought to you by the situation we're in, the ongoing denial of indigenous lives, small but meaningful things, the problematic media, breaking stereotypes, love's flexibility, and Tracy Chevalier:

I try to write 1,000 words a day — about three pages. When I reach 1,000 words I feel good. Less than that: a failure. More than that: tired.
— Tracy Chevalier —

Happy reading!

"What Comes After Denial? Thoughts on Donald Trump’s Movement" by Roger Berkowitz at The Hannah Arendt Center:

I was in the lobby of a theatre this week after the election, having an honest talk about Donald Trump. A lady came over to me and my friends and whispered, “keep your voice down or you’ll get arrested.” I told her she was being ridiculous and she responded that we all had to be careful. He would arrest his critics. I understand some people are upset. I’m upset. But paranoia leads to isolation. The worst thing we can do is silence ourselves, to act as if the danger is worse than it is. There are real problems. Let’s not pretend to have problems that don’t exist.

So what is the situation that shows itself in the election of Donald Trump?

"A Rant for Rick Mercer: The Problem With Gord Downie" by Anna Marie Sewell at prairiepomes:

Rick, you will follow, if Gord says follow? That reads awfully like you don’t care about Indigenous folks, except that Gord is saying ‘care,’ so you’re doing so for his sake. One wonders, would you care if Gord weren’t dying?

It sure looks that way, and Rick, that’s a problem.

"Peel Away" by Jan Wilberg at Red's Wrap:

I hate this potato peeler but it’s precious to me. That means I can’t throw it out and buy another one. It is a peeler laden with meaning.

"Reality check: I blame the media." by Danah Boyd at Points:

For months I have been concerned about how what I was seeing on the ground and in various networks was not at all aligned with what pundits were saying. I knew the polling infrastructure had broken, but whenever I told people about the problems with the sampling structure, they looked at me like an alien and told me to stop worrying. Over the last week, I started to accept that I was wrong. I wasn’t.

And I blame the media.

"To The Black Cosplay Lover Who Would Still F Up Some Commas" by Bryanda Law at Quirky, Brown Love:

…be unapologetically you and continue to F it up on the dance floor in your Hot Topic band t-shirts.

"Runaway Eggs" by Ra Avis at Rarasaur:

Once upon a time there was a movie called The Runaway Bride, where Julia Roberts played a woman who almost got married several dozen times but would take off right before the wedding. Richard Gere plays a journalist who wants to know why. As part of his investigation, he realizes that every guy she almost married thinks she likes her eggs prepared a different way. She always eats them exactly the same way as her intended.

So do I.

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