Five Star Mixtape 383: Five Great Blog Posts and a Natalie Babbitt Quote

This week's Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup is brought to you by privilege and home buying, multiple losses, the many shades of trans, a man who meant well, gained perspective, and Natalie Babbitt:

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I write for children because I am interested in fantasy and the possibilities for experience of all kinds before the time of compromise. I believe that children are far more perceptive and wise than American books give them credit for being.
— Natalie Babbitt —

Happy reading!

"HGTV: Rubbing Salt in the Wound" by Ijeoma Oluo at Medium:

I’m watching HGTV during breaks while trying to write my book and this line was the final straw. I love HGTV. I love the creativity and “do-it-yourself” pluck of some of the shows. I love seeing rundown shacks converted to pristine palaces. And I hate HGTV. I hate the glorification of home-ownership as the ultimate goal of citizenship. I hate the overwhelming whiteness. I hate the gratuitous wealth. I hate the celebration of privilege.

"When Everything Ends All At Once" by Cindy Reed at The Reedster Speaks:

The floor in the back of the newly opened pet store was covered with sawdust. I wandered past row after row of large dogs in crates until I came upon a single tiny Lhasa Apso puppy, his brown eyes boring into my heart.

"So You’ve Decided Not to Transition!" by Jen Durbent at Medium:

Congratulations! You’re transgender and you’ve decided not to transition! That’s great. That’s OK. Sometimes that isn’t necessary. Not everyone who is transgender needs or wants to transition and that’s OK. Transition is something that must be defined by each person as they undertake it. Hormones or no. Surgery or no. Names or no. And so on.

I just wanted you to know what happened to me after I came to same conclusion to not transition, to hold back.

"Michael Moore's Angel in the Tweets" by Bailey Poland at Bailey Poland:

Michael Moore tweeted the following: “No women ever invented an atomic bomb, built a smoke stack, initiated a Holocaust, melted the polar ice caps or organized a school shooting.” Aside from being wildly factually inaccurate (women were involved in every stage of the development of the atomic bomb, from the theoretical to the practical; women have patents on smoke stacks; women directly participated in both the European Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide; women work for and run oil companies; one of the first modern school shootings was perpetrated by a woman), this statement is both dehumanizing and condescending.

"Out of Fucks for Titles" by Rowan at CrossKnit:

I was thirty years old and in the middle of Legal Writing II when the last remaining fuck I had to give left my body. It flew out the tenth floor library window, unhindered by glass, and was never seen again.

Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup

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