Five Star Mixtape 381: Three Great Blog Posts and a Mark Haddon Quote

This week's Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup is brought to you by what it can mean to be trans, the way assaults never really go away, the problematic state of tech right now, and Mark Haddon:

No one is ever really a stranger. We cling to the belief that we share nothing with certain people. It's rubbish. We have almost everything in common with everyone.
— Mark Haddon —

Happy reading!

"Transitioning While Nonbinary" by West Anderson at The Body Is Not an Apology:

Many people have asked the question, how can you transition if you’re not male or female? What are you transitioning to?

The answer is different for every non-binary person. I know some people who have started hormones or had different surgeries. I know some people who started dressing differently. I know some people for whom the only transition they needed was to think of their gender in a different way, and shift their internal sense of themselves, without changing anything externally.

"The Thing About Assault" by Dana Schwartz at Writing At the Table:

Here’s the thing about assault. It doesn’t go away. You feel it, years later. You feel it when you think about what happened to you. Close to the anniversary of the occasion. Or when you visit the place where it happened. When you have nightmares. When you tell your story. Stories.

"How Do We Reform Tech?" by Anil Dash at Medium's Humane Tech:

Why does tech need to be reformed? The short answer is, tech is changing everyone’s lives, but while there are many benefits of today’s tech that we love, there are significant new economic and social risks that tech companies are introducing to society. When tech companies make decisions that affect our lives, we don’t have any way to appeal those decisions, or to meaningfully effect change. That’s a situation ripe for reform.

Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup

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