Five Star Mixtape 378: Two Great Blog Posts and an Elizabeth Jane Howard Quote

This week's Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup is brought to you by the importance of weirdos, knowing that it really is about race, and Elizabeth Jane Howard:

You have to put writing first. If I was mooning after someone… I wouldn't be focused. I wasted a lot of my life on men, but I think a lot of women novelists have.
— Elizabeth Jane Howard —

Happy reading!

"The Weirdos Make Change Happen" by Catherine Caine at Cash and Joy:

Historically, the weirdos make systemic change happen.

Le duh: generally, the people inside a system are the ones enjoying all of the upsides of it. Why would I topple my awesome sand castle? It is awesome!

But the not-quites, the outcasts, the weirdos and the misfits…

"It's Not About Race!" by John Metta at Medium's Those People:

During the first meeting, I introduced myself by saying that talks about race are emotional.

“I speak with a lot of emotion,” I said, “and sometimes that emotion is anger. That should be allowed, because anger is a valid response to oppression. I’m not angry at you as an individual, but at a system of injustice.”

Sometime later, a man said that he hoped we could “rise above emotions.” He wanted an “intellectual discussion” using logic so we could “really get to heart of the matter” without getting “derailed by emotions.”

Now there is a heck of a lot of subtext there, and I really want you to understand it.

Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup

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