Five Star Mixtape 377: Seven Great Blog Posts and a Robert Caro Quote

This week's Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup is brought to you by the internet's ebbs and flows, being what you say you are, a misguided effort to strike out at identity politics, eurocentrism, lifework, honesty about women's realities, not owing anyone pretty, and Robert Caro:

 by Larry D. Moore [ CC BY-SA 3.0  or  GFDL ],  via Wikimedia Commons

by Larry D. Moore [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

We're taught Lord Acton's axiom: all power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. I believed that when I started these books, but I don't believe it's always true any more. Power doesn't always corrupt. Power can cleanse. What I believe is always true about power is that power always reveals.
— Robert Caro —

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"The Best Time to Start Blogging Is Now" by Phil Lees at The Last Appetite:

Blogging (and especially food and travel blogging) has returned to the state where it is as unpopular as it once was when I started a decade ago for three reasons and it’s both amazing and kind of shit.

"Three Things to Keep In Mind About Your Reputation" by Seth Godin at Seth's Blog:

As the social networks make it more and more difficult for people to have a significant gap between reputation and reality (hence gossip), the single best strategy appears to be as you are, or more accurately, to live the life you've taught people to expect from you.

"Lionel Shriver and The Magical Vial of White Writers’ Tears" by Scott Woods at Scott Woods Makes Lists:

I spent much of my time reading writer Lionel Shriver’s recent speech at the Brisbane Writers Festival first, with my mouth open, then trying to ascertain if she was genuinely obtuse or trying to win a flame war as the worst troll ever.

"Fuck You Žižek!" by Hamid Dabashi at ZED:

My late mother used to remark that as soon as you pick up the stick the cat that has just stolen something runs away. You may not have intended to hit anyone, but the cat knew he was a thief.

"Lifework" by Audra Mitchell at Worldly:

Lifework is a responsibility. By virtue of being who and what I am, on this land and planet, as a being that harms other beings in my existence and actions, I have responsibilities to them. The work I do should clarify these responsibilities and help me to live up to them.

"The Politics of Miscarriage" by Celeste Liddle at Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist:

The ONLY acceptable dialogue around miscarriage, where there is dialogue at all, is the one about the loving mother who lost her baby. Not the teenager who chanced it one night with a boy, got unlucky and then lucky. Not the abused woman who got a second chance at an independent life. Not the woman who just thought she was having a particularly heavy period that month and did not know she was pregnant in the first place.

"This is Female Powerlifting: Our Manifesto" by The TIFPL Crew at This Is Female Powerlifting:

We do have beautiful, strong bodies and we’re proud of them. But as long as we allow aesthetics to come before athletics in powerlifting, we create a culture that excludes lifters who don't fit the ideal.

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