Five Star Mixtape 365: Five Great Posts and Lisa McInerney

This week's Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup is brought to you by a crappy car, big emotions, an outdoor toilet, fashion rules, men's feelings, and Lisa McInerney:

Lisa McInerney

Happy reading!

"I Drive A Piece Of Shit, And I’m The Happiest I’ve Ever Been" by Liz Henry at Liz Henry:

And my life has gone terribly wrong, but that’s not the point except it kinda is. You can, in fact, have a life that has gone so terribly wrong and in so many different ways that you’ve polished a turd and turned it into, nah, nothing. It’s still pretty shitty. 

But you can, on really good days, feel like you’re living in a movie that didn’t quite make it in theaters, but has a cult following. That’s how I feel.

"Don’t Ever Tell Me How to Feel" by Denise Geelhart at Adventures of a Jayhawk Mommy:

Since I was a child, I’ve had others tell me how I should feel. As a sensitive little girl, I cried easily. If someone said something mean to me, I didn’t fight back. I cried. If someone said anything critical, no matter how slight, I cried. A careless joke directed at me might result in more tears. Constantly, I was told, “You are too sensitive. Stop taking everything so seriously.” So, I tried hard not to cry anymore. Not to let people see that they had hurt me. I held back my feelings to fit in and protect myself from the judgement of others.

"Polite At All Costs" by Audrey Hayworth at Sass Mouth of the South:

As it finally became my turn to put my items onto the belt, my son started to cross his legs and cry.

‘Ma’am, can we use your bathroom? We’re potty training and he doesn’t have on a diaper.’

Disdainfully, she looked at me. ‘No. All of outside is a bathroom for boys.’

"24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear" by Jessica at Warning: Curves Ahead:

Whatever the fuck they want.

"Managing Your Feelings Is Not My Job" by Hecate Demetersdatte at hecatedemeter:

Well, you know, I love my grandma.  She was born before women could vote in this country and she spent her days making her husband, her son, her grandson, her doctor, her minister, her landlord, her grocer, and any other man she met feel safe, adored, correct.  She’d have worried about how upset that nice old man, Mr. Sanders, must feel, losing to a woman.  And I love my grandma.

But, you know, fuck that shit.

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