Five Star Blog Roundup 440: Five Great Posts and a Louise Erdrich Quote

Five Star Blog Roundup 440: Five Great Posts and a Louise Erdrich Quote

This week's roundup of great blog posts is brought to you by Nia Wilson, the myth of men, escape from abusive faith communities, others deciding when (and if) we get to have privacy, figuring out that your suffering isn't deserved, and a Louise Erdrich quote:

photo credit: slowking4 [ GFDL 1.2 ],  via Wikimedia Commons  (cropped)

photo credit: slowking4 [GFDL 1.2], via Wikimedia Commons (cropped)


Love won't be tampered with, love won't go away. Push it to one side and it creeps to the other.

Louise Erdrich


Happy reading!

"Nia Wilson, Heartbreak Train" by Amanda Magee at Amanda Magee:

Exhale. The mundane and the tragic collided. My whole morning sprawled out before me in a complicated matrix that would get me to the train station. My mind and heart were heavy with thoughts of Nia Wilson and her beautiful, vibrant, just-barely-getting-started life being cut short by a man who didn’t give it a second thought. She was going somewhere and then she was gone.

"The Struggles of the Busy Man and the Illusion of Security" by Jon Katz at Bedlam Farm Journal:

The myth of men is written by men who have controlled the power, the money, the corporations, the church, the military, the media discussions on morality. What they believe to be reality is mostly a construct mostly of men who have never worked on their inner lives.

They have not gone inside, they have not learned  trust, empathy, vulnerability, contemplation or poetry.

"Escape from Jesus Land: On Recognizing Evangelical Abuse and Finding the Strength to Reject the Faith of Our Fathers" by Christopher Stroop at Not Your Mission Field:

I think it’s important for liberal Americans who do not come from a patriarchal religious background to hear our stories and to sit with that shock. Why? Because I remain convinced that if American civil society and the American press fail to come to grips with just how radically theocratic the Christian Right is, any kind of post-Trump soft landing scenario in which American democracy recovers a healthy degree of functionality is highly unlikely.

"We Are All Public Figures Now" by Ella Dawson at Ella Dawson:

I think a lot about us, the normal ones, the average citizens. The idea that our privacy is in jeopardy is a relatively new concept, born from the 2016 election and the Cambridge Analytica scandal. There’s growing awareness of just how much of our private lives we’ve ceded to Facebook. But even now, most of us feel safe online, because what do we have to hide? Who would care what we have to say? Who is watching us? What’s the worst that could happen?

And then we board a plane.

"I Cut In Line, I Bled to Death" by Sean H. Doyle at Sean H. Doyle:

Taking care of oneself is a lot of work. It’s even more work when we don’t believe we deserve to take care of ourselves and we believe we deserve to suffer, because somehow, suffering is our lot in life. Every victorious moment has a price in that type of thinking. Each day that feels like a win can be turned right into a loss as quick as lightning striking, just by letting the faulty wiring in the emotional part of the brain do what it has always done, go dark and sideways.

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