Five Star Blog Roundup 436: Three Great Posts and a Dennis Covington Quote

This week's roundup of great posts is brought to you by persistence and evolution, weaknesses opening up hope, power costumes, and a Dennis Covington quote:

screenshot from  Dennis Covington: Redemption

screenshot from Dennis Covington: Redemption

To say that I enjoyed writing… is like saying I enjoy having fingers and toes. It's difficult to imagine life without them.

— Dennis Covington —

Happy reading!

"On Queer Resilience (and Rage)" by Andrea Zanin at Sex Geek:

…today I’m also feeling something quieter and more complicated than rage, something that’s easier to capture by describing a place than by trying to find words for the specific strains of emotion.

Amid all this death, this neighbourhood sits in the same place as always, buildings aging, road wearing under traffic, lights flicking on and off as the days brighten and dim. And I wonder if it’s dying, too, declining over those same decades as people feel a creeping sense of unease here.

"Accidental Lenten Practice" by Vintage Navelgazer at Getting There:

I came across a blog post that referenced the enneagram, and gave a passing mention to how one of the personality types struggled with the same things I did.

Finding a personality description that also accurately described the weaknesses I try to deny did not do what I thought it would do.

I was not plunged into shame or defensiveness. 

Instead, there was a sense of hopefulness.

"Stress Purchase of the Week: One Expensive-Ass Blouse" by Jennifer Romolini at Shondaland:

Because I have so often in this life felt like an awkward fraud/freak, I have spent most of my adult days on this Earth dressing in aspirational costume. Here is how someone who wants to be at a party would dress. These are the clothes of someone enjoying vacation. Here is business lady cosplay. I call this one "Happily Married Woman on Date."

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