The 10th Anniversary Edition: Five Star Blog Roundup 435

The 10th Anniversary Edition: Five Star Blog Roundup 435


Humans are born storytellers, and we still value our stories, even if we have to read actual paragraphs to get them.

— me, "5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Not Dead or Dying" —


The strangest thing has happened. I looked back through the archives of this mostly weekly roundup of community-nominated great blog posts, and I counted it up, and holy crap: THIS ROUNDUP HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR TEN YEARS TODAY. Apparently, the first Five Star happened on April 11th way back in 2008. That means that I've been curating the best bloggers' work since the Internet of Things was named, since happened, since Apple's app store opened up shop, and since the Kindle itself was born. If this roundup were a child, it would have growing pains and be reading chapter books. Sniff.

I legitimately cried when I thought about all these years of online writing and all that writing's greatest fans sending it my way. When I started doing this roundup, I'd been blogging for almost five years myself, and I was madly in love with the medium that had given me a ridiculous wealth of friends and support and creative inspiration. The main reason I've managed to write here for almost 15 years, run a gratitude community for 8 years, and have a career in web design, social media, and activism is because of blogging, even now when blogs are basically the grannies of web content.

In short, THANK YOU EVERYONE. You made this happen for ten whole years. Ten. Whole. Years. We should all get cake.

And now on to this week's Five Star Blog Roundup on this most amazing anniversary.

This week's roundup of five great posts is brought to you by a flexible and encompassing vision of the world, understanding why some things come more easily for some people than others, the complicated intersection of fatness and gender, recognizing the power we have in our own lives, and knowing where our light comes from.

Happy reading!

"If we lived forever, maybe nothing would seem important." by Angela Reiner Downing at Fluid Pudding:

Yesterday I met a high school security guard who lost his hearing for seven months after an explosion in Somalia. He told me that he sings a lot better now than he did when he was deaf. He also said that he has developed a new appreciation for people’s voices. Today I’ve been thinking about the little things that I’ve learned to appreciate: Slices of Swiss cheese that are more hole than cheese, how the grocery store smells like my grandma’s house, ponytail holders hanging in our air vents because the cats were playing hockey with them, and sentences like “We all get batshit brain boners for this kind of crazy love.”

"On the Circle of Privilege" by Pernille Ripp at Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension:

Had I not been able a long time ago to upgrade that short 1-hour flight to Detroit as a way to surprise my husband, we would not even be here. Because of that small step up, everything else was given to us. The guarantee of rest, of proper food, of an exuberance of attention that continues at the hotel we are staying at.

We were given more because we had more to begin with.

"How Fatphobia Impacted My Gender Identity" by J at Comfy Fat:

I’m a masculine person who wears a bra every day. I hang with the boys at the barbershop after buying jeans from a women’s clothing store. I’m loving and strong. I know how to express my boundaries. I’m smart. And funny. And I love daydreaming about what my wedding will be like. None of these things are exclusively male or female — and neither am I.

"Sooner" by Amanda Magee at Amanda Magee:

…there are so many of us bobbing along in the water, hoping that the tide will somehow carry us into shore where we can finally begin. We don’t realize that we are the sea—the stillness and the strength, the waves and the spray, but we are also the undertow.

We can make everything happen sooner.

"Female Things" by Eve Marko at Eve Marko:

Light shines on things from the outside; we look at them, like them or dislike them, appreciate them or judge. But light also shines from the inside of everything, aiming straight at me inside. That’s the light I want to see at all times, even if, say in the case of rattlesnakes, I decide to keep a distance.

Five Star Blog Roundup

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