Five Star Blog Roundup 433: Five Great Posts and a Luis Alberto Urrea Quote

This week's Five Star Blog Roundup is brought to you by homesteading, words that scar, staying open and accepting the fallout, living on the spectrum, vanity, and a Luis Alberto Urrea quote:

photo credit: Larry D. Moore [ CC BY-SA 4.0 ],  via Wikimedia Commons

photo credit: Larry D. Moore [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Death is alive, they whispered. Death lives inside life, as bones dance within the body. Yesterday is within today. Yesterday never dies.

— Luis Alberto Urrea, The Hummingbird's Daughter


Happy reading!

"Making My Bed" by Jenna Woginrich at Cold Antler Farm:

Some times I'm glad it's just me here, because I mean to stay. I mean to see this place through till summer comes home. I have no idea how that'll happen but I know that every morning I wake up and I make my bed. I make it even though no one else will ever see it but me. I make it because it starts my day with the tiniest courtesy, the choice for order in a life so tenuous I started getting chest pains. I walk down the stairs to begin my day and remember these three things:

I am not a victim and never have been.
This is my fight and I chose it.
I can either keep going or quit.

"The Cuts That Echo" by Amanda Magee at Amanda Magee:

…I’ve been thinking about how words echo with a deafening roar that no one else can hear. I’m gutted by how we dismiss what other people hear — we tell them they are wasting time, that they are blind, or at our worst, we mutter that they’re chasing compliments. What we rarely acknowledge is that their spirits scar from the oppressive ringing, decades of echoes, the voices layered and unrelenting. I wonder why we hesitate to tell someone that they look lovely or that we are glad that they are in our lives. Why don’t we say these things to ourselves?

"A Price Worth Paying" by Tania Kindersley at The Small Things:

…I believe in passion. I believe in love. I believe in going all in. There’s a price to pay, in raw vulnerability, but I’m starting to understand that vulnerability is a good thing.

"Let's Go to a Meeting" by M. Kelter at Invisible Strings:

I lose track of what people are saying. There are too many words happening.

My mind entertains itself by sorting through the room’s sensory palette. Hand slowly rubbing the arm rest on the chair, a green, scratchy feel. Six narrow bulbs recessed into the ceiling stab down at us. I close my eyes and sparks, six of them, drift away. I open and close my eyes repeatedly to get the sparks dancing. Look at them go.

"Tummy Control" by Sister Wolf at Godammit I'm Mad:

Yesterday I bought a pair of Levi’s with tummy control. It was a milestone. And a defeat.

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