Five Star Blog Roundup 431: Five Great Posts and a Aminatta Forna Quote

photo credit: Slowking4 [ GFDL 1.2 ],  via Wikimedia Commons  (cropped)

photo credit: Slowking4 [GFDL 1.2], via Wikimedia Commons (cropped)

This week's Five Star Blog Roundup is brought to you by not enough money, autism erasure, worlds made by secrets, blaming violence on crazy people, swearing with impact, and an Aminatta Forna quote:

No one ever sits you down at age eight and says, 'Aminatta, this is what's happened so far.' You have to work it out for yourself, and by the time you do, it's ancient history to many of the players. We're trying to make sense of the past, so we start to excavate our memories.
— Aminatta Forna —

Happy reading!

"Compound Interest" by Natalie DeYoung at The Cat Lady Sings:

We were on the patio at a good friend’s baby shower. It was perfect early spring in Southern California weather. Blossoms floated from the flowering trees onto the table in a delicate snow, alighting in our hair, perching on our mini-quiches. For a while, it felt like being in a Shakespearean comedy; one where everyone gets married at the end and the Don John gets his comeuppance.

When the conversation turned, however, the patio rearranged itself in an Escher-like maze, a seat of anxious nightmares disguised as a delightfully temperate day.

"No, we are not all 'a little bit autistic', and this is why" by Ann Memmott at Ann's Autism Blog:

Imagine, if you will, going up to a woman who has just experienced extreme sexist comments, and saying to them, "Ah, I know what this is like; we're all a little bit female, aren't we".

Yet, on a regular basis, autistic people receive the comment, "We're all a little bit autistic, aren't we".

"Revelation Everywhere, No Secret" by Eve Marko at Eve Marko:

When you’re a holder of a secret you have one foot in one world and the second foot in another. You stand and live in a world that, for good and valid reasons, respects a particular person for skills, talent, personality, and accomplishment. But you also stand in another, more private world, shared only by you and him, behind closed doors and windows, where abuse, cruelty, and helplessness reign.

"I Don't Think They Really Love Me" by Lei Wiley-Mydske at We Always Liked Picasso Anyway:

I see how they blame "mental illness" and disabilities like mine for violent acts. They will make me a scapegoat with zero facts to back it up and not even care that it's just not true.
I hear them talking about a "mental health crisis" and wondering what to do about all these crazy folks! I hear how they let their friends who say hurtful and ableist things slide. They don't want to take sides, but they already have.
And they know I am one of those crazy people.

"The F Bomb" by Rowan Grigsby at CrossKnit:

Nan was the first person I heard say "fuck" in a professional capacity, and I don’t think I’ve been as impressed by the word since, except maybe the first day of Contracts when Professor Leslie slid into the room in an outfit far too California-subtextually-gay for the Midwest and screamed it at the top of his lungs before saying in a much calmer voice "I just got tenure, I can say whatever I want now."

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