Five Star Blog Roundup 430: Five Great Posts and a Nikki Giovanni Quote

photo credit: Brett Weinstein [ CC BY-SA 2.0 ],  via Wikimedia Commons

photo credit: Brett Weinstein [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This week's Five Star Blog Roundup is brought to you by how it's been done in Hollywood, hilarious sacrilege, #MeToo, two wonderful ladies, the creation of feminist spaces, and a Nikki Giovanni quote:

We write because we believe the human spirit cannot be tamed and should not be trained.
— Nikki Giovanni —

Happy reading!

"Sex & Power" by Todd Walton at Under the Table:

So there I was, a neophyte in Hollywood meeting with upper echelon players, and from day one I was made aware that my excellent novels and neato screenplays were of so little consequence to the people with power in Hollywood, you wouldn’t believe how little. And every step of my way in the movie biz, and on several memorable occasions during my odyssey through the publishing world, I was presented with demands and invitations to bend to the sexual wills of men and women in order to further my career—demands and invitations I was unwilling to accept.

Thus, as a sympathetic movie producer said to me when I lamented my fall from grace in Hollywood and New York, “Listen, sweetheart, you don’t put out, you get put out.”

"The 1969 Easter Mass Incident" by Elizabeth McCauley at gallusrostromegalus:

For those of you who weren’t raised catholic, Communion is this ritual where you become one with Jesus by eating a really horrible bland wafer cookie and taking a shot of wine (called hosts), which then *literally* become the flesh and blood of jesus in your mouth, allowing him to become one with you. It’s big McFucking deal, and you have the opportunity to take communion at every mass. All this had to be explained to me second-hand because after this and Dad’s 51 days in the army, Dad decided he wouldn’t inflict religion on any children he might have in the future.


“Hey dad,” Six-year old me asked the first time he told me this story after my practicing friends were talking about getting wine at church. “Isn’t that cannibalism?” 

“We’re getting to that.”  He waved.

"The Right Way" by Donna-Louise Bishop at Newshound to Novelist:

“I don’t want them to ever know I was a victim.”

“Why not?”

I wanted to tell her I was embarrassed. I knew that I didn’t need to be. I knew deep down that it wasn’t my fault. Unfortunately, it still didn’t stop me from feeling shameful.

"The Very New Wonderful Ladies Club" by Jon Katz at Bedlam Farm:

I was wandering the halls of the Mansion Assisted Care Facility Friday, looking for volunteers to act in our "Night Of Four Skits" on April 4. I ran into Madeline and  Joan, two of my favorite friends at the Mansion. They were both laughing and making noise and dancing with one another, and I said "what is going on here?"

And they both stopped, and said at the same time. "we are Wonderful Ladies and this is the Wonderful Ladies Club."

"Make Your Space More Inclusive" by Karen Walrond at Chookooloonks:

"I don't know how to answer that specifically for your situation, but I do know this:  I read somewhere online that we men don't need to be given a space in feminism, we just need to take our individual spaces and make them feminist.  And I think about that whenever I'm posting or creating something."

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