Five Star Blog Roundup 427: Five Great Posts and a Margareta Magnusson Quote

This week's Five Star Blog Roundup is brought to you by broken stereotypes, the tension between identities, the power of imagined lives, some pretty mediocre cinnamon rolls, saying goodbye, and a quote by Margareta Magnusson:

Margareta Magnusson is the author of  The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning .

Margareta Magnusson is the author of The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.

I have gone skiing in a bikini on a wonderful, sunny winter day. It is strange to think that a swimsuit would work in the Alps, when ski boots most certainly don't work when swimming. So what do you keep when you get old? The swimsuit, of course.
— Margareta Magnusson —

Happy reading!

"Why So Many Men Hate The Last Jedi But Can't Agree On Why" by Melissa Hillman at Bitter Gertrude:

I saw hundreds of men openly loving deeply flawed projects like Stranger ThingsDeadpool, and the Blade Runner remake. We all love things that are sloppily constructed, politically problematic, or internally inconsistent. Hell, Hamlet is all three of those and you’ll have to pry Shakespeare from my cold, dead hands. But when you see thousands of men all rushing to the internet to publicly denounce something for its “flaws,” all of which contradict each other and all of which are routinely tolerated in male-driven films, including the original Star Wars trilogy itself, something else is afoot.

"The Fragmentation of Sarah" by Sarah Brynn Holliday at Formidable Femme:

“Hello, my name is [redacted] and I work at this place, but I also do this other thing under a different name, so feel free to read my blog or come to my workshops but please don’t tag my personal Facebook if you post about it…” doesn’t make for an excellent opening line—but it’s one I’ve clumsily used more times than I’d like to admit.
It feels painful to fragment myself.

"Sensitivity Readers and the White Male Imagination" by Aya de Leon at Aya de Leon:

I think this notion of imagination is critical. Sensitivity readers challenge a key tenet of racism (or sexism or many other isms) because white supremacy has always demanded that reality shape itself around its distorted visions of people of color (or women) that exist in the racist (or sexist) imagination. The white male imagination has been running this country for hundreds of years, and its distortions have been enshrined in our constitution, our history and our culture.

"I Made the Pizza Cinnamon Rolls from Mario Batali’s Sexual Misconduct Apology Letter" by Geraldine DeRuiter at The Everywhereist:

Batali is not the first powerful man to request forgiveness for “inappropriate actions” towards his coworkers and employees. He is not the most high profile, and he is ostensibly not even the worst offender. But he is the only one who included a recipe.
And of course, the glaring question is why? Was his PR team drunk? Is life suddenly a really long, depressing SNL sketch? Do these cinnamon rolls somehow destroy the patriarchy? Does the icing advocate for equal pay?
I figure the only way to answer these questions is to make the damn rolls.

"All Is Well" by Brenda Keesal at Burns the Fire:

My primo pal Joe is trying to leave the coffeeshop, but I am blocking the door, I won’t let him go. We’ve already shared a deep hug, a bran muffin and a crack chat about love and death, much of which I plan to use in the sprawling storyI’ve been writing this past year about my coven of wise, old guys; but given that he had just told me he is — ready to go anytime — my voice raises an octave and I ask:
What am I going to do when you die? 
He throws his head back and laughs.

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